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Keen to test your knowledge? All you have to do is solve the case below and submit your answer!


  • Solve the case below by using the PowerPoint attached
  • Submit your case to and receive feedback from our engineers

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The Case “From Order to Delivery”

More and more shopping is done online rather than local. The shipment yet still remains globally.
We simply go online, select a product, order it and expect a dropped off package at our doorstep the next days after.
During his journey, the package travels through all kinds of points. 

The package highway.
  • The logistics service picks up the package
  • Drop off at the shipping service
  • Traveling to destination country
  • Sorted by ZIP code
  • Traveling to the local area
  • Sorted by street
  • Delivered by the mailman

During his journey, it crosses multiple package handling points that are operated with industrial automation. 
The moment one point fails, the package is delayed, and we all know how annoying this can be.

Currently we see a lot of mixed network architectures in these package handling processes and stages.

Most of these are running on PROFIBUS. The biggest reason why is because:

“it was already installed”

The robot arms are usually running on different protocols, in this case PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. A fiber optic cable connects the robot arms. Engineers are controlling the installation via a SCADA system running on mobile panels by a standard Ethernet WIFI connection.  

The Questions:

What Procentec products are needed to make this installation reliable and to ensure avoiding any downtime?

Upload a drawing and give an explanation of your answer.

Download the PowerPoint here